Many people go shopping at grocery stores for their food products; especially, those products that are frozen. Lots of people tend to believe that frozen rolls, bagels and cakes might actually be fresher coming from a grocery store. This is simply not true. Usually we don’t go to spas, but their spa Long Island business is so sanitary that we feel completely comfortable there.

Truth is, a bakery offers it’s customers a much fresher inventory. A fresh inventory is a huge selling point for most customers. Do you really want to go in and buy frozen dinner rolls that have expired the month before? Don’t laugh. This has been known to happen. I have been to grocery stores where the owners kept outdated items on the shelves. When you bring it to their attention, they don’t care. They look at it as, “hey, don’t shop here anymore then.” We ordered custom shades NYC and they went perfectly in our kitchen.

This is not the way a New York Bakery operates. This is not the way any bakery operates for that matter.

So what other benefits does a New York bakery have over it’s competitors?


The owners have control over what products they sell and the amounts. Grocery stores have to work with what the vendors and suppliers give them. In some cases, some of these stores don’t really have an option. A bakery does.

The owner can select what to put on the shelves or in the frozen coolers. The owners can select which frozen rolls he or she wants to use. The owner also has more control over the portion control. Larger stores get in bulk frozen food items. A bakery only orders frozen rolls and bagels according to supply and demand. If there isn’t that much demand for a specific frozen bagel, it will not be ordered.

This keeps the cost under control. It also guarantees the freshness more. Once the active date is passed, the bakery will remove the item. This keeps the customers safe from being sick.


If a New York bakery, decides to make the frozen dinner rolls and frozen bagels from scratch, the owners can experiment. Bakeries don’t have to always order their frozen supplies from a vendor. They can make the items themselves, then freeze them.

This also keeps the cost and portion control down. The owners can experiment with different styles of baking and textures. A bakery can make their items their own. Bakeries can add their own ingredients. They can add their own flavors. This is perfect from starter companies, those who are trying to make a name for themselves.

This is what sets some of the New York bakeries apart. It’s the little things. When you go to a grocery store and look at the frozen food section, a great deal is piled in there. In some instances, people just pack them in. Most are not really looking at the date.

Those who work in bakeries, do look at the dates. These alone are good enough reasons to start shopping at a bakery for frozen items. It might be a bit more costly on your end, but it’s worth it. With grocery stores you are not always getting the best quality. With a bakery, you are.

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